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    Hello gamers, New Jersey and those of you from other states. I'm Ron. Connect Interactive is a local LAN Center owned by myself and my father.

    I have 16 Xbox 360's, on 16 27' LCD's
    A PS3
    A Wii
    2 PS2's
    A DreamCast (Now, how often do you see those today?)
    A Nintendo 64
    *Soon, a Pool Table*

    All consoles (360) are meant for System Link LAN (but are Live Enabled.)

    I have hundreds of games, 8 Copies of each major FPS.
    (MW2, Halo 3, ODST, GoW, etc.)

    Visit us at our site for rates, pics, and more.


    For more information, add me on Xbox Live:
    xIOPx Prodigy

    Thank you,
    Game on!

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