Nice Web App- Kinda like LogMeIn for the PC

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    So, my roommate sent me an email about this web app that's available on the Apple Web Apps page.. if you search for "BeFree" or just use this link:

    it basically allows you to access your PC from your iPod Touch/iPhone.. which is pretty cool, if you need to access a certain file that you can't put on your Touch.. You can open Microsoft Office applications (I tried Word) and you can use them to their fullest capabilities from what I understand...all you gotta do is download a quick program (it mentions the address when you start using the web app) onto your computer, and when you run it, it'll tell you the address that you will need to enter into your iPod's Safari...

    I know this really isn't a 1.1.3 themed thread... but in a way it is, because you can use WebClips to put an icon of this onto your springboard (at least that's my argument for putting in this part of the forums,lol)

    it's a pretty sweet app, lemme know what you guys (and girls) think of it!

    -I take no credit for the app, as it is one of Apple's... I just take credit for posting the opportunity on these forums

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    Please post in the correct section, this the 1.1.3 JAILBREAK section

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