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    Hey everyone! I am new to the forums but not new to Apple. I had a iPhone 1st gen for a while. When I first got it, I heard of jailbreaking and the opportunities to really get the most out of my device. I honestly was very worried about attempting to jailbreak because I am not all that savy when it comes to computers and technology, but I figured I would give it a whirl anyway! Well to make a long story short, I was never successful in jailbreaking my iPhone. I had to restore the device countless amount of times and finally gave up. Well my situation changed because my job provided me with a cell phone, so I had my iPhone shut off (no need to pay a cell phone bill when one is provided right), so I was just using the iPhone as an iPod. Well a friend of mine was looking to purchase a iPhone and he was willing to trade his brand new 2nd gen iTouch plus give some extra cash, so I made the deal. I have had the iTouch for about a year not, and just recently I started thinking about jailbreaking again. I figured seeing as though my firmware is 2.2.1 and that now 3X is out, there would be a pretty reliable way to jailbreak, and there was! For the 1st time I was successful and jailbroke the iTouch on the 1st try. Naturally because of my lacking skills when it comes to technology, I am pretty proud of my accomplishment but now I find myself stumped and I am looking for some help. First of all I do not have Wi-Fi at my house. My job provides me with internet as well so all I have is a Verizon aircard for my laptop. (Once again I do not see the need to pay for something, especially if work is already providing it). At work however, I do have a Wi-Fi connection but it is firewalled. I am still able to access iTunes and download apps, but I am not allowed to acces Cydia. I have had some success accessing Cydia using a Wi-Fi connection at a local coffee shop, and I have been able to download a few cool things such as loaders, sliders, and themes. I have Winterboard installed and that seems pretty cool, but there are a few areas that have me a bit comfused. First off I have downloaded these things by going to the sections area in Cydia. I have scrolled through all the different sections and some of them are obvious but others I have no idea what is contained inside. Also I have tried to download some things like games, and it says that it cannot be downloaded?! What am I doing wrong? Also because it is a little bit of a pain in the ass for me to go to a spot where there is Wi-Fi, is there anyway I can put some cool sh*t on my iTouch, without having to go through Cydia or through the internet on my iTouch? Can I do it from my computer and then transfer it to my iTouch? I have tried searching for these answers but I have not found any direct answers. Thank you for your help in advance!

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