Newbie (to iPod & Apple) needs a few answers . . .

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Larry.19, Nov 30, 2009.

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    3G iPod touch
    Hi Folks,
    My setup: iPod Touch, 64g/3gen firmware 3.1.2, iTunes 9.02 + PC (AMD64.x4:9600 w/2Tb HD, 5Gb RAM, & winVista.home.premium, AMDx64.x1:4000 15"notebook &

    1...what is "DFU"
    2...What is Blackrain ? Another flavor of jailbreaker ?
    3...What are the differences between the various flavors of jailbreaking... (is there a feature matrix somewhere?)
    4...I can't seem to go into "disc mode": there is no option on the "summary screen" in iTunes.
    5...Is there an All-in-one package to turn the ipod into a PDA? : sync mail, notes,calendar, contacts, files, etc . . . ?
    6...I would like to move video over, do I just set up /video and sync with photos by selected folders rather than "all" from /pictures ?
    7...Can I install iTunes on both (or multiple) computers and sync one after the other to duplicate all this stuff on both machines ?
    8...Is there a SIMPLE app to turn WiFi on and off ?

    Last but not least: is there any way to write apps on either of my winPC's, one of which (soon both) will be/are dual boot Ubuntu 9.10 Linux.
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    2G iPod touch
    1.) DFU is Device Firmware Upgrade it is used as Recovery MODE

    2.) blackra1n is a new Jailbreak that is extremely simple and when downloaded only requires you to click one button to jailbreak your device.

    3.)Jailbreaks are pretty much all the same. They all do the same thing it just depends on what device you are jailbreaking and whether it is untethered or tethered.

    7.) if you don't do anything special to your iTouch then you will have to use one main computer to use iTunes on so you can sync everything otherwise if you go to another pc all your stuff that they don't have on their itunes will be gone.

    8.) If you go into settings you can turn Wifi on and off.
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    iPhone 4S (Black)
    1.DFU is the force recovery mode for your ipod/iphone. IT IS A GOOD THING!!!
    2.Blackra1n is the easiest and safest jailbreak yet.
    3.They all serve the same function.
    4.Disc mode is not an apple based option. However if you do want to use it like that you need a program called iphone folders. Sadley I believe you need to install it on whatever computer you wish to use.
    5.The iPod is capable of all of this already, However if you need to move and keep all this info updated you could pay for apples, Mobile Me.
    6.Where are you trying to move video from? If you just want to sync it, Drag and drop baby.
    7.iTunes generally only likes one computer to be the home of the iPod. You could use SSH which is not something to be done without some instruction. (someone correct me if i'm wrong.)
    8.Unless you jailbreak and download sbsettings the easiest is just the settings icon already installed.

    Hope i've helped. Good luck with your iPod.

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