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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Ok i know this is going to some dumb to alot of you but this is my frist ipod and i know nothing about this stuff. Ok here is my problem i got the ipod touch 2nd gen. I don't have internet at my house yet. Im at my girls house she just got one this yr so she dosen't know much too. She hooked my ipod up to her computer and put all her songs on there. I went to my friends house and his music was more my style so he put his on there. Knowing i was going to lose what she gave me was cool but now i can't downlaod songs from i tunes from my touch cause it has his e-mail on there and asks for his password my question is how do i get my info back on there. I'm also worried about hooking my ipod up to her computer fear of messing up her stuff and also maybe not being able to keep what i have what could i do to keep the songs i have. Her mother has a pc without itunes on it if i hook it up on hers will i lose all the songs it is about 5000 songs so i would like to keep them if you can help plz do thank you so much

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