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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mccltd, Feb 18, 2008.

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    1st post so a little help please.

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    ( If these are allready in a post please point me in the direction of it)

    I am receiving my 1st Ipod touch tomorrow and am after a little advice.

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    Firstly I keep reading about Jailbreak, but what is it?

    I presume it unlocks the touch, but I didnt realise it was locked down.
    Yes I can understand the Iphone being locked to networks but what is locked on the Touch?

    Also once jailbreaked whats next, what can I do to it?
    What can you advise I do to it?

    Many thanks for your time,

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    Jailbreaking gives you the ability to install third party apps. You will be able to access your iPod's files with SSH (notice there is no disk mode.). Themes with differetn wallpapers, and icons are a great contrast to the default black. The application Customize lets you change just about everything, (wifi bars, sliders, etc.) New apps come out all the time, and old ones are updated frequently. The Installer app comes with your jailbreak and it is your portal to all this content.

    Search for a jailbreak guide corresponding to your firmware.
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    The jailbreak installs whats called on to the home screen. From installer you can download games and such. To learn more about jailbreak search on youtube for ipodtouchhacker. Then go to his page and he has videos on how to jailbreak etc.
    Go here to see great videos.

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