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    3G iPod touch
    Hi all of you Ipod touch people, well my problem is I got my lady an Ipod Touch using software 3.1.2 this worked perfectly, it was so good I went and got one for myself, then the problems started, my new one I could not conect to the wifi, so I looked at the other one and, noticed the settings which it must of oicked up itself from my router, (netgear)! not I have lost the wifi for the original one it sees the router all over the house as does the new one but I try to connect there no blue light now or any tick at the side of it, theres no settings, so now I have 2 Ipods which I cannot log into youtube safari or anything as there is no blue antena light at the top of the screen and no settings on either. I returned them both to factory settings and cant log onto wifi, but it must of done it by itself on the 1st one! Please can anybody point me in the right direction, as it would be greatly apreciated, I got the Ipods because we are both disabled and thought it would help having them. It did at first but nothing connects now! The Ipods are new so no modifications at all!

    Many thanks and regards.


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