Newb. Messed up his touch.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by redcaddy, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Ok I think i have messed up big time! Yesturday I was googling the unix subsystem for iphone/ipod touch and I saw that it said dont install dont install so me being the idiot i sometimes am I uninstalled it. My ipod just froze. I hit the power button and slid the thing to turn off. After that it wont get past my pineapple.

    I dont have itunes on this comp since I blew up my old Hard drive im using a 24GB hardrive which im trying to save space on. I have lost with the old hard drive all my jailbreak stuff all my music all my pictures and videos.

    Is there anyway I can make this damn thing work without restoring. I have searched google non stop.

    Oh im running a 2.1 Jailbroken ipod touch 1st gen. with about 400MB left on its HD.
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    No. You must restore your iPod Touch.

    Unless you happen to have left SSH enabled on your iPod Touch before it crashed, and your iPod Touch is booting enough to enable the Wi-Fi antenna, and you know enough about the Unix subsystem to replace all of the files that you deleted, then you can fix your iPod Touch that way. (But that is pretty complicated and not likely to work).

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