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    3G iPod touch
    I'm a Sr. in college and I got my first iPod Touch for Christmas this year.

    8gig 3gs. 3.1.2 <--- yeah I updated before thinking about jailbreaking... blackrain still works just fine. Can't turn off the iPod though.

    Already jailbroken (fairly simple)

    vWallpaper is a fav.
    Fontswapped a little
    got five rows/five icons on dock
    17 different games from app store.

    have used mxTube to download youtube videos and then just transfer them to my skrew folder to have them as vWallpapers.
    (loving this because sound plays)

    Things I am wondering:
    Is there a mic I can buy for my iTouch?
    getting apps that cost money in the app store for free possible?
    I have a smart phone. Wondering if I can use that as a means for connecting to the internet for my iTouch.
    (phone I use) HTC TOUCH sprint
    Wanting to get into making custom themes. I have iDesigner already. any tips?

    Thanks for your time

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    See you guys around

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