New TinyUmbrealla Preserves iPhone 4 Baseband When Upgrading To iOS 4.1

Discussion in 'Latest Tech News and Rumors' started by bobby681, Sep 7, 2010.

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    The iPhone 4 basebands work differently than previous iPhone models. Downgrading is possible if apple is still signing the firmware. Why is this useful to us? Thats where the new version of TinyUmbrella steps in. Its possible to preserve your baseband if you have backed up the shsh blob for that firmware.

    It should be noted however, that if you want to preserve your jailbreak (and therefore your unlock), you should stay well clear of 4.1 until a jailbreak is released. Also, this will only work for iPhone4 devices so don't try it on other devices

    Download the latest version here.


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