New sandbox-shooter: R.O.F.F.L.E. just released! Get it now!

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    Get it now for only $0.99:

    Bash them.
    Shoot them.
    Blow them up.
    Drown them...
    Maybe even throw them in a spike pit or two!

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    R.O.F.F.L.E. is a unique sandbox-style platform shooter. Spawn and destroy enemies when and how you please using 6 weapons on 3 different maps. Experiment endlessly. Features solid gameplay, intense effects, and an epic soundtrack. Complete achievements to unlock new weapons and maps--you'll be coming back for more.

    In R.O.F.F.L.E., the challenge is in how you kill the enemies. Your evilness will be tested with challenging achievements.

    New weapons, maps, achievements, and more added every month!

    New game mode: Survival mode coming soon!

    Watch the action-packed trailer at:

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    Get it now for only $0.99:

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