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    I realise this may be a bit of a long read but i'd appreciate if you could give me some advice with this.

    I've currently got a HP DV6000 Laptop, there's nothing really wrong with it, the wifi switch has had odd problems and doesn't seem to connect to my wifi at mums house however it works perfectly at my dads :S So i had to go buy a Belkin USB stick which works fine at mums house...
    Also needed to get a new battery back as it wouldn't hold any power in it but i've been told this was a common problem with them so HP sent me a new one for free.

    This is my laptop here〈=en

    I currently have no anti-virus protection tho as my Norton just ran out and i'm not planning on spending money on virus protection just now.

    So really, i don't NEED a new Laptop but i've had this one for 3,4 years now? Is there a way to check when i first set the laptop up? so i can tell when i actually got it.
    My Laptops got a 120 GB harddrive, and altho i don't think i need any bigger, surely there must be more advantages to having a bigger Hard Drive and possibly more RAM (assuming latest Laptops WILL have more ram and better spec).

    My bro just got an Acer Laptop which has a 500 GB HardDrive, and it was only like £300 plus has vista on it.

    Can anyone recommend any laptops for me?
    I'd probably end up going for a Windows laptop, rather than an Apple Mac as i've worked with XP all my life...Unless Macs are better?

    As i'm a Student in the UK, i think i can get discount on certain Laptops etc, Think Apple even have deals on buying a Mac and an iPod Touch as a deal. This sounds Awesome but then I've never used a Mac and all my documents i have just now are in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Is there a way to use them on a Mac?

    My Laptop Requirements:-

    -Microsoft Office (or equivalent on Mac maybe?), As i'm studying Accounts at college just now i'm using microsoft Word and Excel regularly and also the documents i download from College website are Microsoft Word files, So unless you get Microsoft office on Mac, which i'm assuming is highly unlikely as they are rival companies.

    I know that the laptop won't come with itunes and that i can download it myself but the main thing i'm really worried about is the hassel of transferring all my song to another laptop. I have 1139 songs on my itunes. They are in a few different folders too i think. I'm just wondering how hard its going to be to sort all the names out etc because when i transfer them to an external HardDrive, then put them on my new computer. I'll need to import them all into itunes again and edit the song name, artist etc on itunes. Unless there's some sort of file that i can save from my current laptops itunes which will sort them for me?

    -Virus Protection

    I'm assuming i'll be best to get a laptop which comes with a years virus protection or something ???

    I'm currently using firefox and would want to transfer my bookmarks but i'm sure thats a really simple task, and even if lost i can transfer them manually.

    The Down side....My Budget

    I don't even know if i can afford this. If i'm going to actually buy a new laptop i'll sell my current one too raise funds. I'd want to wipe to put it back to factory settings first tho, like out of box state as i don't want anyone else having my documents or Usernames, Passwords and personal info saved.

    I'm due to renew my car insurance in october/november time which i think will be at least £1000, i currently have £700 saved up for that which is reserved for that so not dipping into those funds.

    After Friday/'Payday' I'll have about £500 i would think. Obviously i won't want to spend it all because i need money to live off for the month. I have no idea how much i could sell my current laptop for so would need to investigate that as well....Anyone have any ideas?

    I get about £200-£250 a month just now, so would need to save up for car insurance out of that. I get 50 quid a month from Dad too as parents are seperated and he gives me that to help me out monthly.

    So guys, whats your advice?
    Thanks in Advance

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