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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Laser, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I just bought an iPod Touch at my local Apple store (yes, I am fortunate enough to have one nearby) and I decided that an unboxing video was in order. This is my first unboxing video, so give me some contructive criticism (no... "you suck" is NOT constructive) if you want to.
    For pictures... just go to they have enough of them.
    I also have a link to pictures I made with iPod engraving. View here what the best iPod Touch G2 must look like.
    Unboxing video:
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    Lucky you got 2nd gen.

    On the video though, if you have a stand for the camera, you should use the camera can be steady. You can also sit at a table, instead of the floor, and have the camera above your shoulder. Explain the product more...maybe compare it to the old ipod touch (1st gen). Turn the device on if you want and show us what it has on it.

    Make it a review. I'm just basing this on other unboxing videos I have seen.

    Hope it helped!

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