New iPhone Coming.....

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    New iPhone Coming.....

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    Apple Confirms Steve Jobs Back in June, New iPhone Coming

    Now that Apple's quarter is out of the way, all eyes turn to June, when Steve Jobs is supposed to return and Apple is likely to release several new products.

    Will Steve be back?

    Based on Apple's careful comments on yesterday's earnings call, the answer seems to be "yes."

    Analyst Dan Frommer from The Business Insider thinks Apple will also make a couple of important product announcements in June:

    * New iPhone software, which will have a bunch of exciting new features and retroactively improve existing iPhones
    * New iPhone hardware (aka, a new iPhone)

    Dan thinks that later in the year Apple might also release a product he's calling the "iPhone Touch HD," which would serve as Apple's entry into the netbook market.

    With the burgeoning success of the iPhone, iPod, and Mac, Apple is beginning to do what Microsoft has been trying for a decade to do: Create a common software platform that transcends devices. This is one of the most important trends for Apple's long-term growth prospects.


    i so happy..waiting..for the new hardware iphone..horray...
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    There was no definite action that declared a new iPhone.

    But there will probably be one.

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