New iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 OOB Not Jailbreak Proof

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    Today, Eric McDonald, a member of the DevTeam, said in a telephone interview to the Wired that there is no much to fear because even on these “new iPhone 3GS” will be able to run the Jailbreak. Well, this is a good news for those who just purchased a new unit of iPhone 3GS or all those users who wish to purchase the device in the coming days / months.

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    24kpwn was the longest standing hole in Apple pocket and finally Apple blocked it with a new iBoot update. This was the first time when Apple introduced a new bootrom after the release of product, . Apple updated the iBoot –359.3 to iBoot –359.3.2 and the latest iBoot isn’t vulnerable to the 24kpwn exploit. McDonald explained that current tools will still work with the latest batch of iPhone 3GS units.

    The “24kpwn” exploit used to help jailbreak previous iPhones and iPod Touch devices only made it easier to boot up the hacked devices. The cat and mouse game isn’t finished yet, we can hope Dev team will find an alternative to 24kpwn exploit very soon. In short it’s still possible to jailbreak the newly shipped iPhone 3GS but in a tethered way. It’s all on Dev-Team to find a new exploit to enable untethered booting once again.


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