New guy from Mexico and a question concerning the charger

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by itouchmty, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Hi all

    Last Wednesday I ordered my first ever Ipod or Apple product. I always promised myself to never get into the Apple trends since the days of the original Imacs but after seeing the awesomeness started with the Iphone my opinion about the company and the fanboys started to change

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    I ordered a 32GB 3G Ipod. I'm a little angry because the Apple website said the "shipping" took 1 or 2 days, just to see in the invoice that the "delivery" can take up to 12 days. My anger reached its peak when I noticed in the UPS tracking that my delivery is coming from China. I accepted it when I read that this is a standard practice, but really, if I knew it in advance I could just go to an Apple Store and buy the Ipod there... anyways, I expect it to be delivered on Tuesday and until then I'm just putting in order my collection to synchronize it whenever it arrives.

    Probably this has already been answered but since this is my introduction I want to ask.
    I already have a three year old MP3 Player, and I have found it difficult to charge the batteries in my computer at work since I don't have administrator privileges.
    The device need to be recognized by the computer in order to start charging. In that case I just switch to the USB Mass Storage option and it gets recognized.
    Since the Ipod doesn't have an external storage option, would this be a problem? I will need to buy the AC adapter?
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    As long as there's power going to the USB, it will charge. You don't even need iTunes to charge it. Or Admin privs.

    Hope this helps.

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