new comp; how to sync ipod to itunes and keep my gamesaves/themes

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hackxyz, Jan 10, 2010.

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    basically, i want my ipod to be exactly the way it is now (apps, themes, saves) but be synced to another comp, can anything off cydia help me??

    right now im sshing my songs onto my ipod so i can transfer them to my new itunes before i sync it, anything i can do to keep my apps, roms, and saves (saves for the roms AND the apps)

    my comp doenst have all the apps my ipod does in the itunes under applications, meaning if i transfer the apps that are on itunes under applications, the ones on my ipod will be deleted if i just sync it ( i think)

    like if i click applications on itunes it only shows like 6 applications but on my ipod i have like 50
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    the apps will sync to itunes, but to transfer songs from it, it will ask you to replace everything on your ipod with the itunes library(if the music was not purchased from itunes). i dont think themes and that stuff will be saved.

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