New and looking to refresh info on 2g Touch and jailbreaking

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by antispam246, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Hi, new here, found the forums after researching my queries and chose this site to pick peoples brains. Apologies for lengthy post, it's been awhile and I will search through the forums for further info.

    I have an Ipod Touch 2G jailbroken running 3.1.2 firmware. Everything works fine and has done for nearly the year it's been like this. Like with many modifications, i've left it as it was for long enough and want to look back in, incase i'm missing out on anything new or anything vital/important.

    Recently i've had a few issues with application installs and syncing which is what drove me to step back into the scene.

    Back when I jailbreaked my ipod, I used blackrain to do so. As I recall, 3.1.3 came out shortly after but was pronoucned un-jailbreakable, so it was advised not too update the firmware. Today, I believe the firmware now goes up to 4.0.2? or 4.1.2? Needless to say, having been a few firmware updates rom 3.1.2 (my version) to today I curious as to whether there's need to update my firmware and if so, to what and further more, how exactly is best to go about doing this?

    So, some basic questions;

    1) Can you jailbreak an already jailbroken ipod? Specifically mine 2G 3.1.2
    2) If you can, is there really a need to? Is there any benefiit in any of the latest firmwares? One I'm aware of would be compatibility with the latest apps.

    3) I have an app installed which fakes the firmware to 3.1.3 so I can run certain apps that need that firmware revision and it works fine. But should I look further ahead at 4.x? Should I/would I, be better off with a more permanent method rather than relying on an app to do the trick?

    4) If you can not jailbreak an already jailbroken ipod, what are my options? Do I reset back to normal, update to a newer firmware then jailbreak over again?

    5) What happens if I update firmware on a jailbroken ipod? Will it cease to function? Or can I do something else after updating firmware to repair it?

    6) Ultimately, what are my options with my jailbroken 2G 3.1.2 ipod touch and are they worth it?

    My next major query regards applications, those from itunes and 3rd party applications. Although I read of the rules upon signing up I'm not sure how much I can discuss it, it's basically concerning issues where certain apps suddenly don't function, in that they immediately close open running. Although I have resolved this several times, I curious as to what exactly is causing the issue for myself. I have a few ideas;
    - itune apps versus 3rd party
    - installing through itunes vs installing via X
    - installing from PC to itunes vs installing through X
    - installing from different accounts.
    - updating apps from itunes vs from X

    Those are purely things i've concluded myself and would like to discuss further in detail if i'm allowed.

    The issue is very common, the FAQ's on this site point to a discussion on the apple forums regarding it

    It is also detailed further elsewhere in multiple places but with no definitive answer. I've tried pretty much every solution but found my own to help fix it for me, i'm just not exactly sure on the cause hence the listing above for discussion if possible.

    I'd also like to understand how better to keep control of application installs and syncs between various parties as to potentially prevent further issues as I can't really recall the best way of maintaining/updating/syncing apps from different origins.

    I apologize if i've already crossed any lines, please let me know so i can remove or if it's ok, discuss further, any help greatly appreciated.
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    1. Yes, but you need to restore in order to jailbreak again.
    NOTE: You have to download 4.0 firmware, not 4.0.2 / 4.1.2, as there is no jailbreak release for those firmwares.

    2. There are app folders in 4.0, speed upgrades, etc.

    3. It's up to you, if you want to keep the app and not upgrade to 4.0, go ahead, no one's going to stop you.

    4. Look at answer "1."

    5. Not sure...

    6. Themes, Emulators (NES, SNES, PSX for the iPhone / iPod Touch), third party apps, etc.

    We are not allowed to talk about cracked apps on this forum.

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