"NEW" 2nd gen 8gb Need help fixing!!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by 1979atariguy, Jan 3, 2010.

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    2G iPod touch
    Ok, So I bought a broken ipod touch 2nd gen, 8gb off of ebay recently. In fact, it hasn't even come in the mail yet. Anyways, the person who previously owned it had it and it worked but had a cracked screen and a pressure spot or something on the lcd. He tried to open it up and replace the digitizer but the screen went white and he says now it won't turn on. Any chance that the logic board is still good? What should the first thing I do when I get this ipod? Should I open it up first and check the connections? Or try to turn it on, or plug it into my computer? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also- Have you heard of the 'white screen' and then the ipod won't turn on before? How should I go about fixing it? ( btw i already ordered a new lcd and i'm looking for deals on a new digitizer but want to make sure I can get the thing to turn on first). THANKS!!! PS..not a n00b here with electronics...but I mainly work on laptops and laptop lcd problems.

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