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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by racergirl_744, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Feb 20, 2008
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    I have been having issues with my ipod and i really wanted to start fresh again.
    But everytime i restore my ipod it never fully restores.
    Like i will restore it, the itunes thing will come up, and then i go to restore with a different firmware, itunes says it cant restore error (1)
    so i finally got it to restore, and i think i have it in a different firmware, but it comes back up as everything with all of my apps, settings and everything. like it never really restored.

    what is the problem?
    how can i get it to fully restore. so i can have a empty ipod.

    (btw, i am in fw 1.1.4 and i used that newish one step jailbreak deal)
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    Try this, it worked for him.

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