Never Ever Put iPhone on iPod Dock

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    Translation from a customer's experiment

    Wow.. the weather is very cold..
    Is time to buy some snacks for my stomach
    I don't believe that my iPhone is burnt..
    like a piece of paper on the fire..

    About half past six, second floor's entrance is 3C Products Showing Area
    On the iPod's cupboard, there is a eeePC
    I played the eeePC for a while and I saw an iPod Dock nearby
    So, I put my iPhone on the iPod Dock
    When I put my iPhone on the iPod Dock (Very smoothly)
    Things start to happen, there are flowers on the screen of my iPhone
    ... (I don't have time..)

    Previous part is my own translation..

    coz I don't have time..

    so please watch the following which translated by Windows Live

    Has plays the indicator should how many to have this kind of experience,
    The figured screen is the indicator surpasses too goes too far, the entire screen is snowflake that kind of appearance,
    But this is only the flash matter, when my eye sees my iPhone figured screen,
    All strain, my iPhone entire has inserted HI-FI without enough time.

    Inserts after completely, my iPhone screen entire black down,
    When I am pressing the iPhone above power source key, iPhone had not already had the response,
    I according to looked at the following home key, iPhone equally just like the close-down had not responded,
    I knew that the matter big strip, quickly has pulled out iPhone, simultaneously presses the power source key to add on the home key,
    But my iPhone completely had not responded, falls into the specific weight stupor,
    A more miserable matter has come, this time my iPhone temperature hurriedly rises,
    Likely is in the cold winter warming stove is warming my control equally,
    The question is, it is iPhone! It is not the warming stove, is all right does that warmly!
    Only then crossed several minutes, is unable the temperature rise the degree which to mine flesh to withstand,
    Places it above Carefour iPod special counter iPod HI-FI.

    Each several minutes, I have bumped iPhone, discovered that its temperature is getting higher and higher, is getting higher and higher,
    I thought that iPhone should short-circuit, this time in the brain has reappeared in innumerable 3C website some fantastic stories,
    For example the Chinese user's X large note computer explodes, but also some big pile of handset battery explodes news,
    ......My iPhone is going to become in the world first detonation iPhone?
    This time behind entire platoon's liquid crystal, actually unceasing broadcast Zhou Jielun's I am not matching mv ......
    By now I asked the Carefour product sales personnels to come,
    Behind not wants him to switch off Zhou Dong mv which the entire platoon liquid crystal sounds to satirize very much,
    But has wanted the apple telephone with him, hits prays for rescue.
    Taiwan APPLE has gotten off work, therefore defers to the pronunciation to project on the overseas technical consultation, spoke my situation,
    After the first each one technology consults the personnel detailed listen carefully, the transfer gives the high-level technical personnel,
    The high-level technical personnel ask me to attain mine iPhone Taibei's service center to go,
    At that time about about seven spot ten several points, my iPhone was also feeling hot, has maintained at the high temperature,
    I am leaving it by far, real worry iPhone will explode perhaps is on fire,
    That temperature is really high, does not use the contact, so long as approaches to the iPhone above spot,
    May feel the high fever which iPhone sends out,
    I thought that if outside is not places iPhone thinks the means radiation,
    Places the bag principle iPhone should really will be on fire.

    The guest took the telephone to give me the Taibei service center telephone and the address.
    Has hung up the telephone, I hit immediately for Taibei the service center,
    But the Taibei service center said that they said cannot accept iPhone the service perhaps the service,
    But I said that the apple guest takes the telephone to ask me to deliver, and already had one to accept the number and so on,
    Therefore that family Taibei service center was called me to have a look in the past first, I,
    Taibei's service center said that he had asked Taiwan apple, Taiwan apple had instructed cannot receive,
    At this time the time is soon eight spots, my iPhone already started to cool,
    The Taibei service center's personnel have a look at my iPhone,
    Said that possibly was the motherboard perhaps the battery has burnt down, but they really did not have the means to accept.
    I return to the vehicle, hits once more for the overseas technical consultation telephone,
    This answering service personnels, said that Taibei does not have the means to receive,
    Because sells in the US iPhone only provides the service in the US,
    How did I say cannot convince, indicated with him, iPhone will possibly explode,
    If iPhone has the detonation possibility really, moreover that easy to trigger (, so long as inserts iPod HI-FI),
    That should add on aphorism, said that may not use together with iPod HI-FI,
    Or they should receive disassemble have a look, is question which designs?
    Holds the Chinese voice use Chinese technology to consult the personnel,
    Says me only then two roads to be possible to elect (him now is truly “only then two roads may elect” with this glossary),
    First is he may help me to switch over for the position in US's US technical personnel, please use English and the American communicates,
    Second is my iPhone, sends to the US to service,
    I certainly can only choose the first road (, because the third road is Britain's Ji Dengsi ......Good, very cold),
    Communicates the period of time after the US technical personnel,
    They said that they are unable to provide any help in Taibei's I,
    If I must service this iPhone, please personally deliver US's service center processing,
    My final request is, for me the address, lets me send services may?
    He said may not, why did I say may not?
    To purchase when had the stipulation perhaps has the related laws and regulations saying that certainly wanted myself to take personally services?
    That American said to me that to, this stipulation writes on the packing which buys.
    He such replied, I am speechless really,
    After going home, has discovered the iPhone packing and all contents immediately,
    Regardless of being the outside wrapping, inside a native paper book,
    Had not said that certainly wants myself to deliver personally, can accept the service.
    I am deceived by American APPLE? I have not seen this stipulation?
    These consultations, the guest take the telephone to have the sound recording, can they say casually?

    When Carefour, what my iPhone is really is being on fire the edge,
    Crossed quick one hour, only then starts no longer to give off heat,
    If I am not urgent processing, changes iPhone places ventilates place, with sells the field the air conditioning air conditioning radiation,
    But receives in the bag along with, consequence really inconceivable ......
    In the world already had many original factory handset battery combustion, the detonation accident occurrence,
    iPhone certainly also has the possibility, looks like from mine example,
    Not only has the possibility very much, but sooner or later will occur.
    In takes in the process which with the foreign Chinese guest the personnel communicate, I said that
    If today iPhone may the replacement battery easily,
    Then I may, in iPhone rises before the extreme high temperature, turns on the top plate, puts out the battery,
    Prevents iPhone the temperature to continue to climb, but the iPhone battery is actually unable to replace,
    Can only let me is likely is hiding the bomb to be the same,
    Is selling in the field iPhone to put greatly by far, places ventilates place,
    Mouth idea Amida Buddha was hoping that it do not explode, entire one hour sends out the extreme high fever in the process,
    Can only the no use worry fear it is really on fire the combustion perhaps the detonation,
    Doesn't such design have the mistake? The guest takes the personnel not to return to me any words.
    If iPhone will insert iPod HI-FI to produce the iPhone interior part to short-circuit, this will not have the public security question?
    The APPLE guest took the personnel actually to say to me that do not let iPhone and iPod HI-FI uses together,
    But, on iPod HI-FI did not have aphorism saying that might not use together with iPhone,
    Similarly, on iPhone had not said.
    Now many APPLE sells the field to demonstrate iPod HI-FI,
    Not only does not have aphorism, moreover welcome the same foundation the iPod serial products to insert the test to have a look,
    On mine example, this is quite dangerous!

    After going home, I have put out the SIM card from mine iPhone,
    The SIM card does not have metal chip that surface, because the high fever had the distortion, to break out,
    IPhone which already burnt down facing an interior machine board perhaps the battery, cannot find way out.
    Perhaps, the next time terrorist enters US, no longer needs the bomb,
    So long as purchases iPhone in the US territory, goes to the US to sell the field,
    Found APPLE demonstration iPod HI-FI, let them unify, might make public is dangerous.
    Also or, APPLE may promote the Christmas day “the detonation combination”, lets iPhone and iPod HI-FI makes a tie-in sale,
    Above indicates this detonation combination to be possible to let the user obtain unexpectedly, fiery, and the explosive use is pleasantly surprised.
    I knew that such said is a little the acid, but real hope various potential energy 夠 attention,
    Please do not let your iPhone, has a night of sentiment with any iPod HI-FI, oh is not,
    Is together work, that will let your iPhone enter the flamingo meritorious model type,
    Burns down many looks that terrestrial globe's child, as well as some takes the manner to the APPLE guest the impression, oh.
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    yeah because we're actually gonna read all of that. i think that whole story is about how some guy used a 12v charger on an iphone
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    sorry for your lose nice read

    ya I read all that RIF
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    I agree lol too much for me to read... its probably interesting though

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    poor guy
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    what's this about, it's too long for me to read, so it burns my eyes.
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    LOL. Seems to be using some generic form of babblefish to translate from a foreign language.. I think someone plugged iphone into ipod dock. iphone got hot and hotter. screen frizzled out. phone dont work. dunno either way it's fairly funny to read and try to unscramble.

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