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    Okay so im trying to design a search box for a website, html obviously.

    Mind you this is for a school project, and under no other circumstances would i do this but i need an encarta search box.

    Now, what I am able to do is
    <span class="snt"><b>Encarta</b><span class="snr"></span></span></a><form name="searchFrm" class="sfrm" action="" method="get"><input type="text" id="search_encarta" class="sinp" maxlength="250" name="q" value=""><span class="esbc"><input id="searchButton" type="submit" class="esb" value="Search"></span>
    But that ends up with a box too large for my site, i need it about 2/3 of its size.

    The other thing I am trying to do is make a search box that adds the words entered into the box onto the link
    making a query since the search would add on to that link.

    Please help me as to what i could do, either shorten that first box (i dont know how) or figure out a way to make my second idea work or just show me how lol. Thank you

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