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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by acrappa, Sep 2, 2008.

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    After using my iPod Touch with 2.0 software since it came out, last week it suddenly froze up while launching the App Store. It was completely frozen, and holding the Home button wouldn't get the App Store to quit, so I rebooted the iPod. It restarted and showed the Apple logo, and it never got past this point. I Googled this problem and saw that I needed to restore the iPod. The problem was that no matter how many tries I gave it, iTunes would not see the iPod. I took the iPod to the closest Apple Store, and after over an hour, they were finally able to restore the iPod to its factory settings.

    When I got home, I began putting my files on the iPod. I just have simple stuff; some applications, music, photos, contacts, and calendars. I don't Jailbreak. After a few hours, my iPod was good to go. I sat down on the couch and launched the App Store. The iPod froze again, and I was unable to quit the app. I waited for a minute or so before I rebooted the iPod. Guess what happened; yes, the iPod was frozen at the Apple logo again.

    I took the iPod back to the Apple Store, and they replaced my iPod with a brand new one since it was under warranty. I took the iPod home and began putting my files on it again. When I was done, I used App Store to download a couple of apps, listened to music for a couple of hours, and looked at photos. Last night, one full day after getting this new iPod, I launched the App Store again. It froze and would not force quit. I rebooted. And I'm stuck at the Apple logo again.

    Remember, this has now happened over two completely different iPods. I seriously don't want to restore the iPod again just because this clearly isn't solving the problem. I don't know how else to troubleshoot this.

    I don't even fill the iPod HD up; I've always left around 2 GB free, so it's not an overstuffed iPod. I am using the latest iPod Touch software update.
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    maybe your firmware is corrupted and when you sync it it messes up your appstore? try deleting it off your computer and redownloading it and see what happens. and if you want to restore it try putting it in dfu mode instead of going to the store

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