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    Hey guys,

    My apologies if you've heard a story similar to mine in the past. I just got a 3g ipod touch for xmas and i did a jailbreak via blackrain and it was working fine. In recent weeks, it was malfunctioning in weird ways. The touch screen was very slow to respond and it was actually getting hard to lock it via the button on the top left. It was finally getting to the point where I thought it had a bug or something, so I (stupidly) restored it in iTunes, which automatically upgraded it to the latest firmware. Right after the upgrade, I had an ipod with factory settings that worked much better. I decided at that point that some of the issues I had been experiencing were caused by my memory being nearly at capacity (I have the 8gb version). I noticed after the restoration that wifi wasn't connecting properly, so I reset my network settings. I now have the dreaded gray bar that says "no wifi" every time I try to connect. I'm not sure if this is a general flaw of the new firmware or a measure they've taken against people who use hacking software. I'm starting to believe the latter b/c I can no longer jailbreak using blackra1n and have yet to find another program that has cracked the updated firmware to see if there's another way to skin this cat. I honestly haven't had the chance to try to sync my should be interesting to see if the cracked apps i have saved in itunes will show up, or if I can even sync new apps at this point. ALSO, and thank you to whomever has gotten this far, I can't find an app that could conceivably bypass my lack of wifi connectivity and provide the connectivity through another means, nor do I know if I can buy one of those wifi antennas....I have the feeling they're only suitable for increasing reception but not working in lieu of a functional wifi card.

    In summation, I think my touch is f'ed. If anyone could please help, I'd really appreciate it.

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