Need Help With Recovering Already-Bouth Games

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by OaxChuy, Mar 14, 2010.

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    It'd be great if anyone could help me out here...

    I followed these instructions, hoping that I would be able to recover a couple of games that I already bought.

    However, when I tried to buy one of the games I had already bought a while ago, it said that my credit card had expired. So, I replaced it with another a Visa card. However, when I went ahead and clicked on "Buy", it just bought the game. I didn't get the "you have already purchased this item" prompt.

    I guess the mistake here derives from me using a different, Visa card, right? Then again, the old credit card I had used has already expired. So, I cannot use that one.

    I just called customer service, but they are closed and will need to call tomorrow.

    Still, until then, can anyone shed some light on this? Has this ever happened to anyone else before? Thanks.
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    Well, I'm gonna assume that you're using the same iTunes account. Anyways, I haven't encountered this problem so it probably is your credit card. But you probably should wait until tomorrow to contact Apple to confirm.

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