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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by amandureja, May 4, 2010.

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    Alright guys so I am having a couple "concerns" over here.

    1. I just restored my iPod for the SPIRIT jailbreak, and when i close an app, it takes under a second, but it feels like its taking longer than before i restored? THIS IS NOT THE JAILBREAK'S PROBLEM!

    2. [removed]

    3. Okay this is more tech than iPod but you guys can help me still. Basically, my router's reception is not that good since it is in the basement and i am on the upper floor most of the time. My iMac (late 2006) can catch it just fine, but sometimes it stops working on my iPod and it is NOT the iPod's problem, because whenver i reset the router it works or when i go to a lower level of the house (although VERY RARELY it wont even work right next to the router but i reset the router and that works). So what i want to do is SHARE MY IMAC'S WIFI CONNECTION AND USE MY IMAC AS AN ACCESS POINT! IT IS NOT A WIRED CONNECTION TO MY IMAC! IT IS WIFI!

    Okay so all that aside, i really hope that you guys can help me here!

    Some information about my iPod:

    iPod Touch 3rd Generation
    32GB "MC" model - new bootrom
    Jailbroken untethered with "SPIRIT"

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