Need help to add different appilactions from Cydia to my iPod Touch.

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by roberto13055, Jul 15, 2009.

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    So heres what i did first. I was playing an app and I went to double tap the home button to pop up the music player and it exited to game and went tback to the first page then would go to the search screen(3.0). So then I remembered that I had just updated one of packages or whatever in Cydia this morning, and I have been able to double tab home button to pop up music player prior today. So I was thinking that it was the update to package. But I couldn't remember the name so I started uninstalling different packages, lol. But before I deleted them I wrote them down. But when I search them on Cydia they are not there. So I need help on getting them back because some of them I am sure are very important because Cydia looks different and things are reworded.
    So here are the names:

    saurik--maybe the name??

    So any help with this would be very grateful!!
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    I have a feeling you've written down the sources instead of the actual apps. I'm pretty sure Modmyi, at least, is a source.

    And, honestly, why did you just go blindly deleting packages? That seems a little stupid.

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