Need help tethering with handy light

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Punkpat, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Alright i think i did all of this right but it isn't working, here are the instructions i followed:

    1. Create ad-hoc connection without encryption (iPhone was unable to connect to my ad-hoc network if I setup encryption. I wonder if this is a security risk to my laptop/iPhone)
    2. Search for "Manage wireless networks" and open it.
    3. Select the newly created access point (AP) and click 'adapter properties' from the toolbar above.
    click on 'Internet Protocol version 4′ and click properties.
    4. Set a static IP address ( for example). as netmask. (Google's DNS server, not sure if it's required)
    5. Configure proxy settings in IE - Interet options - connections - LAN settings - Use a proxy server -advanced - SOCKS type - port 1337
    6. Close all open windows and connect to the ad-hoc access point.

    Is there something else i need besides doing the color combo?

    Please help soon i am going on vacation tomorrow.

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