Need help resoring a computer without CD/DVD or USB booting

Discussion in 'Computing, Science, and Technology' started by Tman47, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Okay so I have an OLD OLD gateway desktop that I was hoping to use as a server. It currently has Windows XP installed. The catch is, I want to install CentOS or another Linux server distro, but my computer has no internal CD or DVD drive. I do have a external DVD USB drive, but this computer is unable to boot from USB and for whatever reason the bios doesnt recognize that as a recognizable drive to boot off of.

    I have an accessible windows and mac machine, I just need to know how I would be able to do a fresh install on this computer. I thought of installing the OS to a thumbdrive, and then restoring that onto one of the two hard drives in the original computer.

    Please help I really need this computer to be restored.
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    I second this. I have the same problem, except I have NO OS on that thing.

    I hear there are special floppies that will forward the install process to CDs. I've gotten them to work, but I haven't been able to run a live CD or install yet.

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