Need help resizing(or whatever I would do with it) Delnoch's calender widget.

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by one2many, Sep 25, 2009.

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    So it appears to be a constant problem that with themes that utilize Delnoch's calender widget the dates fall off the screen or go outside the "allowed" area.

    A theme that comes to mind that does this would be iNav Deo Neo mod both v5 AND bottom widget (v5 introduced widgets with them on-top, bottom widget has them on the bottom). with v5 the dates go outside the "allowed" area (I say allowed because there really is no boundry for the dates) and on bottom widget they go off the screen. I've played with and looked through all the .css, .js, and .html files that could have anything to do with calender and while a few of them offer sizing options none of them either A) do anything B) or have completely lolwha

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    dimensions. I just need to resize this calender then I can go to town on modifying bottom widget for the iTouch.

    Also, how would I change the font of the carrier, the status bar clock, and the month of the calender widget?

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