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    HI I bought the Iphone 2 days ago unlock and I am using it with t-mobile.
    I was trying to make room to intall more applications, I was following this thread space
    and some how I tought It was ready, so I did the last step and reboot by turn off the Iphone and now is now working. it gets stock with the apple and a black screen.... I will conect to the pc via usb and it makes connection with itunes, total commander winscp, but it would not pass the little apple in the middle and the black screen, but will turn off and do the same thing over and over.
    I tried holding the top bootm and the middle bottom and I was able to turn off the iphone so that will star loading. cna you guys help me?
    I bought this phone online is a version 1.1.2 and is using a turbo sim (gold sim card)
    I cant not even restore to factorie because I will losse the jailbrake and i dont have any software patch.
    can some please let me know what to do?
    can someone send me the software patch or any ideas?
    thank you

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