Need help installing Leopard.

Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by murphmanny, Sep 27, 2008.

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    My father wants me to ask you guys, since you are the most helpful people:

    We have a MacBook running 10.4.10 and my dad wants to upgrade to leopard.
    We have the discs and when we insert them and restart, we get an error message of something like this:

    "Mac OS X Leopard cannot be installed on this computer"

    My question is, does anyone know a way for our computer to be upgraded to Leopard.

    He says it's urgent.

    The type of discs we are using say:

    "For Mac Computers
    Mac OS X Install Disc 1"

    and the next one says:

    "For Mac Computers
    Mac OS X Install Disc 2"

    Does anyone know what is wrong?

  2. SkaterGOD/DOOD23

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    Unfortunately, the installation media that comes with your MacBook will only work with that particular machine. These installation discs are not the same as a retail copy of Leopard. The retail installation disc can be installed on any supported machine. The installation media that came with your Macbook Pro for example has data on it meant only for that machine. Think of it also as something like an "OEM" disc for Windows when you purchase a machine from Dell. That particular installation disc is licensed only for that machine and contains files specifically for that machine.

    Obviously, (you know where to look) you could find a Leopard retail CD rip somewhere online.

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    Hope this helped... and good luck!
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    There is a way to do what you want. If you can get a firewire cable and hook up your computers, hook them up, then put the CD in your Mac. Reboot holding C, follow the things, then when it asks what disk or w/e you want to install on, choose your dad's computer. This should work.

    Hope I helped!
  4. River

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Buy the OEM version of Leopard.

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