Need help choosing a new theme and also best way to remove old theme

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by digitalduck, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Ok, im not new to inav themes, but Ive been using a certain one for awhile and am in need of a new one.Im looking at the following themes:

    I like being able to design my own icons to use for themes in PS. I also like the openness that you can achieve with certain themes and still use stacks or spring jumps to get to your categories etc as well as using your own backgrounds.

    Ive been using Teknologik which is a great theme, but have seen others like "icollaboration" and like certain elements of each. I like the openness icollaboration and its simplicity but also like themes like real-show and its layout. Ive been wanting to try icollaboration but couldnt force myself to dump Teknologic without getting a couple things answered first.

    First, ive noticed programs like idesigner and isetup 2.0 out there and is there one program that wil take a snapshot of your current setup including blank icons etc and will put those back into place if you select it?

    Second what is the best way to remove a theme. Im assuming dumping the springjmps folder and should you just delete the black icons iwthin iblank or actually delete the webclips via SSH?

    So what are your ideas on the above themes? What would you reccommend based on what ive mentioned.. thank you!!!
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    First, to remove a complex theme like inav, you will have to uncheck it with winterboard then delete its webclips if it has. And I would like to suggest that you get the iNSPIRED theme.

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