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    3G iPod touch
    can someone please help me i have an app that i want to make that will run a comand in terminal on the iPod/iPhone, how would i be able to make an app like this on a windows machine for the ipod and i dont mean to be rude but please just dont say its stupid or no point. And if I can't than can someone help me code it the premise is the comand is:
    -i ffmpeg "then you can chose the location of the input file) (chose extention (avi mpg or mp4) of output)
    example for j.mpg in var convert to j.mp4 it would be: -i ffmpeg /var/j.mpg /var/j.mp4
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    Of corse it would be dependent on ffmpeg
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    can someone tell me if it would be possible to make it a webapp
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    I've made a webapp type thing that can do this but I don't know how to make it to a real webapp right now it's just a HTML and a php

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