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Discussion in 'iPod touch 2G Jailbreak: redsn0w, 24kpwn, etc.' started by charlieiscool12, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Dec 27, 2008
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    2G iPod touch
    got time to kill and can answer most of the questions about jailbreak out there. If any people want to help answer questions feel free.
    Basic questions:
    1. Any way to jailbreak without libusb?

    2. My iPod is bricked!!!
    Restart computer, put in dfu if it already isn't, and restore

    3. Why wont this tool work?
    Most likely a skipped step, try again

    4. After restore with custom firmware I get black screen?
    Remember that this is a tethered so after you restore you must boot
    I reccamend hitboot, easy for noobs although it's not automatic.

    If you're question is differant feel free to ask here

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