Need help after Jailbreak (Safari issue)

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by XxTearGodxX, Dec 31, 2009.

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    EDIT: Nevermind, I just turned the iPod Touch completely off and turned it back on and I guess jailbroke it again? (I opened blackra1n and made it rain again).

    I Jailbroke my iPod Touch earlier today using Blackra1n, it's a 3g with 3.1.2.

    I went to do something with my bookmarks in Safari on my iPod Touch and now it's just hanging and not exiting the bookmarks section. So I'm not sure what I need to do now.

    I see at the top page it says Bookmarks and a "Done" button to the right side of it which I press but doesn't seem to work or nothing happens. I can't click on any of the favorites that are listed below or scroll up down left or right, I can't click the + button or the open book icon.

    Also at the top of my iPod Touch's screen it says the time and to the left of it it has something spinning and the wireless signal and iPod.

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