Need for speed Shift cheat (no ssh or jailbreak needed)

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    OK I'm going to tell you guys how to add $8,000,000 to your current game of need for speed shift, this is totally safe if you don't do anything stupid, so lets get started. First you need to go to and install the program (Don't worry, its totally safe), then plug in your ipod or iphone and back up with itunes. Then open itunes Backup Manager, expand your most recent backup and find NFS Shift, then double click on "Documents/gamedata". Press [ctrl]+[G] and type in the number 52 and Ok. Then type in "7A 12" (without quotes) right where its highlighted from the ctrl g part. then press the button with an arrow pointing to an ipod, then select "restore only modded file(s)" and your good!

    NOTE: you must have already started a game or this won't work!!!
    P.S. I would put up screenshots but I'm too lazy to.
    and here's where I got this info from
    hope I'm not violating any rules by posting these links.

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