Need Beta Testers For Jailbreak Repo!

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    Ok, I created a jailbreak guide (its stickied) called [HOW TO] Jailbreak 1.1.4 And Perfect Your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Some of it requires codes to be entered in a terminal, Because many people do not know how, i have created a repo that does steps 6, 11, and 14... I cannot test it on mine because i can not restore atm. I Need 5 People To Pm Me To Beta Test.

    I will also need that at least one person record it (The Process Of Installing The Package (Meaning Start Recording When Your About To Enter The Source (Repo))) on a video camera and send it to me...If you can, say it in the pm, Do not post here untill AFTER you sent the pm...

    You need to know:

    How To SSH
    Follow Instructions
    Restore And Re-Jailbreak (Follow Instruction In The PM)

    The rest of the instructions will be in the pm along with the repo

    Thanks To All...

    It Does:

    Creates Symlinks Between The Media Folders And Library Folders
    Fixes Cookies
    Fixes Apps Not Saving Settings

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