Need advice on what to do for my new dock

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by digitalduck, Jun 9, 2010.

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    k, so currently i have the apple universal dock...good for audio, comes wiht no video cables and doesnt charge.. although does have an out for it..

    the pirce of the cables alone made me look at the Dynex dock DX-IPDR. Doesnt look like its component, but at least it does video.

    So my dilema is this.. i bought a small usb charger for my apple dock so at least now it will charge and play audio.. im wondering if i should just buy seperate component cables for my apple dock, or should I buy that dynex dock that will charge and do video..


    Sorry my bad...what i meant was that my apple dock does not charge as of now... i did buy some $5 adaptors and cables so at least it will charge in a couple ofdays..

    However, it does NOT do video out because itdidnt come with any cables..

    enter the Dynex, it DOES have video out but its only coax and not component...

    im wondering if i should buy the dynex since it charges and does video or if i should buy some component cables for my apple dock?


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