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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dualBang, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Hi, i somehow got a scratch on my iPod touch 2g screen, but it aint affecting the touch screen, so i cant get a replacement.

    Problem is, i am coming to the end of my warranty period, (december 6th i think) and i have a few minor scratches on the back, but they dont bother me, its this one tiny scratch on the front that is.

    I wanna get a replacement, cos occasionally, my power/sleep button can essentially act like a touch sensetive button (You dont gotta press it) and once in a while, my slide to unlock/volume bars take a spaztic.

    I wanna return it, and if it had been any other shop, i woulda, but i bought it in gamestation, and they obsess over checking everything, and restoring it, then checking it again, and then if they cant find fault, they NEVER take your word for it.

    So, anyone got any ideas on what i could do to deem my ipod replaceable?
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    Do you reckon i could claim a replacement, because my cable is broken?

    As in, the part where the 30 pin connector is, is exposing the wires, and this happened from purely just using it (It happened to alot of people i know too so...)

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