Need a how to jailbreak 1.1.4 with ziphone smoothly?

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    It seems that someome needs to write a defintive guide to how to use ziphone's jailbreak so that it all goes smoothly.
    As far as I can see you need to do the following, but if i am wrong pleasd correct me.

    1. do a fresh restore of your ipod to 1.1.4 and IMPORTANT: CHOOSE "CONFIGURE AS NEW IPOD" AND GIVE IT A NEW NAME. Leave your ipod connected but close itunes.

    2. Download and run ziphone, click on CLEAR/FIX NVRAM. Then after reboot click on the IPOD jailbreak.OR download ipodtouchmasters file to your windows computer and run that. installer and install updates.

    4.install bsd subsystem

    5.install ipodtouchmasters source which will give you summerboard fix and iphone apps.

    After all this you should have a happy jailbroken 1.1.4 ipod touch. However I havent done any of this yet, as i need to be convinced that this is a stable and working jailbreak and that you tube/keyboard and apps etc work, before i update my very happy 1.1.2. 16gb touch
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    Follow my definitve guide from my signature
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    If you have jailbroken your ipod before with any method, do a fresh restore of your ipod to 1.1.4. I did not name my ipod after it synced. I just closed out Itunes.

    Download and run ziphone 2.6b.

    If you have jailbroken your ipod before then click on CLEAR/FIX NVRAM under the advanced settings. Your ipod will show some scrolling white text, and then reboot. You will find a Zibri icon on your springboard to his blog.

    Then go back to Ziphone and click on the IPOD jailbreak. Your ipod will again have some scrolling white text and then reboot JAILBROKEN on 1.1.4

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    run installer and install updates.

    install bsd subsystem

    Install open SSH if you wish to SSH into your ipod.

    install ipodtouchmasters source which will give you iphone apps.

    No need to install any summerboard patch. Summerboard works fine upon install. Just make sure you reboot youor ipod when it tells you to do so.

    If you want to get customize to work, you will need to have open SSH installed (which requires BSD sbsystems installed)

    Then add the following REPO:

    Install Customize CUSTOME.

    Then SSH into your ipod, open a terminal window and do the following:

    ln -s /private/var/root/Library/Customize /private/var/mobile/Library/Customize

    Then install a theme and Make sure a CUSTOMIZE folder is created in /private/var/root/Library

    Then enter the following commands in a terminal window:

    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    That's it. Customize will work fine and be totally stable.

    Hope this helps

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