Need a Case for iPT (India)

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    Need a Case for iPT (India) - Updated!!!

    Hi all,

    Have seen many threads asking for help/suggestion/advice to choose a case for their iPT, but none of them are Indian country specific. So, here I start my own thread.

    I am from India and need to get a case for my beautiful iPT 8GB. Searched some of the stores and they have either the leather slipon case or the silicon cases. But when browsing thru this section, came to know that there are more wonderful skins than the ones I have mentioned. Here are my queries,

    1. Are these available in India?
    2. Are these cases shipped to India?
    3. Any Indians using any of the cases like candyshell etc.,

    Also, all Indian's can post their cases here in the order,
    Case name
    Place of purchase
    Shop name
    Screenshot or case pic.

    Hope I would be getting a better response from my fellow indians.

    PS: Non Indians can also suggest/advice/recommend.

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    Luckily, eBay has started global easy buy, thru which we can get international products shipped to India. Cool!!! Was browsing thru it and found out this cool offer..shal I go fo it?
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    Hey, my answers are in bold

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