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    OK this is serious.

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    I've spent the entire day trying to get my nano recognized by my computer!

    I've gone out trying to get some help as well.

    I didn't have iTunes on my computer and WinXP wasn't recognizing my nano (5th gen).

    This evening I reluctantly installed iTunes. My computer and iTunes STILL AREN'T recognizing my ipod!

    Now it's critical that I don't format the ipod because I'm trying to save/transfer some videos I made, from my ipod onto my computer.

    Can anyone suggest how I can get my computer/itunes to recognize the ipod, WITHOUT formatting/losing the videos I have on my ipod?

    One more piece of info. When I plug in the nano, WinXP shows the device, but I can't access it. When I click on Open, it says "the drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?"
    And as I said, ITunes doesn't show the device at all.

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    Now I have to locate a flippin' Mac because I got iTunes to declare that the nano (which Apple replaced for me, remember) is formatted for a Mac!

    So the only way I can save my videos it appears, is to find a Mac, dump the videos onto it, get them onto an SD card (Lord knows how?) take the card back home, Restore the nano under iTunes and then copy the videos from my SD card onto my computer.

    I hate Macs!

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