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    Apple obviously has big plans for the tablet if they are planning on selling 10 million of them in the first year! I think that those of us who are hoping for a fully functional computer running osx are going to be sorely disappointed. But really, aren't macbooks pretty damn slim and portable as they are? If you want a fully functional computer, buy a fully functional computer.

    So what are we looking at then, a XXL sized iPod Touch? Well, in my opinion, yes and no. I see it as a device that will run "apps" as we are familiar with them on our current iPods and iPhones, but with an expanded capability, specifically with a focus on the device functioning as an ebook reader unlike any other currently on the market.

    Amazon's Kindle device and Sony's ebook readers are finally starting to gain some ground, and Apple is hoping to score a big slice of that pie by offering something that current ebook readers cannot. Full color, "HD"resolution and integrated video, as well as the internet functionality built into the current iPod/iPhone lineup. Sure, I can fire up my Kindle and read the morning copy of the Wall Street Journal, but with the iSlate (or whatever it will be called), I can also have immediate access to full color photos of current events, as well as streaming videos of newscasts.

    Why subscribe to Maxim magazine in boring old print, when the iSlate version comes with not just the handful of pics from the photo shoot, but dozens of pics not included in the printed version, as well as high resolution video from the shoot as well. Advertisers will jump on board with interactive ads (yes, essentially TV commercials in the middle of our magazines).

    Being able to download an entire magazine and browse while offline will eliminate the need for constant wifi/3g connections.

    This is the angle I see Apple taking with their tablet device. It's new, it's "revolutionary" and in doing away with countless millions of printed pages, Apple will be able to take the "green" approach and tell us all that by converting our printed media subscriptions to their tablet device, we are all doing our part to save the environment.

    Just my 2 cents worth. And no, I have absolutely no facts to back up my opinion.

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