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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by FluxBox, Feb 1, 2008.

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    I read a few threads about porting the likes of "Cube" and "Alien Arena" to the iPod touch due to the arrival of Yeti3D.

    My input on this topic:
    If my 2GHz desktop computer (that I barely use), running Ubuntu Linux 7.10 with 3gb of RAM can barely run Cube without crashing, how will the low resources inside the iPod touch manage to run the application?

    And my 1.6GHz notebook with 1.5gb ram (also running Ubuntu Linux 7.10) can run Alien Arena at full speed, but my lower end machine (333MHz, 256mb) can't run it without huge lags and speed decreases. So again, how would the iPod touch run this game?

    What you're asking for is an application written for high standards ported to a mobile mp3 player device built for music and video playback and web-browsing.

    Just saying, yeah Yeti3D is great for the touch, as is DOOM, but don't expect a full-blown amazing graphics 3D game ported to the iPod touch without huge customization and application re-writes, which no one has the time, want, or need to write.
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    See my post in that other thread. It's possible provided you scale it right back.

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