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    This is my "Tap That" taping slider. SSH into your iPod and put it in ~/private/var/root/Library/Customize/MainSliderImages, make a new folder and call it Grizz or whatever you want, and put the image in the folder. After that go in customize --> SpringBoard Strings --> Unlock, and change it to a space. Then go to customize --> SpringBoard Strings --> Main Slider and change it to the "Tap That" tap slider. If anyone has problems or a suggestion PM me or post. Feel free to edit, then if you want you can post it for everyone. Tell me if it is any good to!!!

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    Download the .zip file, I could not post the .png because it is 21.8 KB. The .png is just a reference to what it looks like only with white edges that aren't on the one that is in the .zip. Sorry that the .png is so hard to see!

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