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Discussion in 'iPad' started by dannykk, Apr 11, 2010.

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    i just got a new hot iPad last weekend. Here is my several points bout my first experience of using it.

    1. Vibrant color on the big-size touchscreen.
    iPad is all about its screen, it has a 9.7-inch, 1024 x 768, capacitive, multitouch LED-backlit display which makes you comfortable whenever you browse web, handle with email, read book or see videos. Clolors on the screen are vibrant and saturated. The pictures show beautiful and HD videos play vivid. The viewing angles are ermarkably broad,you can aslo set the brightness value to fit your eyes when you're reading book or seeing movies.

    2. Lack of USB port and webcam.
    iPad don't have a USB port or SD card reader.Apple offers both of these as an accessory as a means to transfer photos and video onto the device. Besides, we can't find webcam on iPad. It's a bit of pity that we can't see a friend or a family memeber when we carry on a video chat.

    3. Fluid Safari doesn't support flash.
    iPad web browsing is smooth, fast and fluid when you browse webs. The screen displays beautifully in landscape and portrait and the touch response is particularly fast. You can pinch-to-zoom every place you want without a hiccup. It's really an amazing experience you've ever had, like Jobs says that. But the only deficit of iPad browser is it doesn't support flsh. That means you can't see certarin elements of Hulu, HBO, NBc or many others.

    4. The truely iBooks.
    Because of it's large size screen, iPad was supposed to be a wonderful e-book reader at first. In fact, The iBooks app doesn't let these people down. The iBooks'layout is quite simple, there is a button you can flip to your library. Also, you can choose chapter, brightness control, font size and face options. It allows you copy and paste some segments of book, consult a dictionary and add book mark for your chapter. It's a pleasure reading experience with iBooks.

    5. Powerful A4 SOC processor plays HD Video smoothly.
    I converted a piece of 720p HD video with iSharesoft iPad Video Covnerter and play it on iPad. The high resolution video playing was particularly smoothly and beautifully, it didn't miss a frame. The photo application also runs pretty good,the high resolution pictures scrolls fast without any hiccup. And the rotation and zooming works good with no resistance and hesitation.

    I'll update my reviews if i have new explorations on my iPad!
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    The iPad lacks a USB and SD Card reader because of it's sheer thinness. It's edge is thinner than a USB port, and likely thinner than the required space of an SD Card port.

    As far as Flash, the sites you mentioned either already have apps, or will soon release an app for their sites. Leaving only flash based ads unsupported. In my opinion, lack of Flash is a feature, not a downfall. I sincerely hope that future versions of the iPhone OS leave out Flash support.

    I do agree on a web cam of some sort though. It would have been a nice feature on the first generation iPads, and I have no doubt that it will be available on the second gen.

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