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Discussion in 'Customization Requests' started by XFactoR, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Okay so I'm working on a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 theme right now and I have a really good custom made wallpaper so far but I am having troubles deciding what to use for icons...
    I'm making something transparent I know that for a fact because the wallpaper I made is kinda busy. I dont want to just have an icon with text on it like every other transparent theme I want to get an icon on there. ANY IDEAS?!?!?
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    dude if you want we can work on this together. i dont care how much credit you give me, but bc im really doing it for the theme and the game. But heres my ideas. I requested earlier for someone to make a R6V2 theme and yea nothing happen, well i shouldnt say nothing bc someone did say they were going to do it but they were busy. But anyways. I have a great idea on icons and i have already made some. Also the background i have found one too. But its your call. If you want them then its cool. But BE WARNED!!! Im not pro at photoshop and i just got it about a month ago so i just started getting into it. So dont flame or whatever you call it my icons. These are still in the process. So yea. But if your interrested PM me ok.
    If you cant tell. which if you cant sorry, but my idea was to make playing cards with the icon picture on the face of the card and have the R6V2 logo on the top corner and the Ubisoft logo on the bottom corner.

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