My lousy trip to the Apple Store

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Parker618, Sep 9, 2009.

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    iPhone 5S
    So I have been planning to get the new ipod touch no matter what, so today I go to the apple store and go up to the front. heres what happend

    Me: Hi i would like to buy a 32 gig ipod touch 3rd gen
    Genius: Sorry we have none in stock. wait 3-5 days
    Me: Damn, could i get the 2g 32 gig please.
    Genuis: *rings me up* That will be 400 somthing (i cant remember)
    Me: There was just a price drop on the 2g.
    Me: Yes.. look at the apple site.
    Genuis: (asks every genius if there was a price drop) Ok it appers there was a price drop
    Me: cool can i buy it now.
    Genuis: Yes that will be 400 blah blah blah
    Me: You just said there was a price drop...
    Genuis: its not in our store servers so i cant sell it to you at that price.
    Me: Well, Its on your offical website
    Genuis: Sorry no can do
    Me: Serriously wtf!!!!!bye "genuis"

    i hate apple now i have to wait for shipping because i ordered online when i got home
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    Shipping only takes 2-5 days!

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    I feel your pain. I called my local Best Buy today and asked if they had the 3G ipod touches in stock. The lady said they had some ipod touches in stock, but put me on hold while she checked which generation they were. She came back on the phone and said they had the 3G models in stock. I rushed down to Best Buy and there were none on display, and the price cards they had on display were the old 2G ones. I asked a near by sales associate and she said they didn't have any ipod touches in stock at all. I said that I had called just a little bit ago and asked about the 3G specifically. She said she told the lady I talked to on the phone that they were 2G models and not 3G. I wasted over an hour of time and gas money driving to Best Buy for nothing.

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