My lame tutorial on how to get Tap Tap Revenge custom songs WITHOUT computer

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    This took me all of about 15 minutes to figure out. I warn you: this isn't the perfect way to do it. There are many flaws in this tutorial. This is only something that I think could be built upon;to make an easier way.

    Flaw List:
    1. Depending on what tap file you use that song will be deleted off of ttr.(not unless there's a way to fix it.
    2. The taps to the songs are NEVER perfect.
    3. Depending on how long the tap file is, the song might be too short or too long.


    What I do is use mewseek to download m4a music files. Once I have the song I want, I use MobileFinder to take the song from MewSeek to the Tap Tap music folder.

    I rename it the exact artist and title of the song(you can name it what you want). Then I go to the tap files and I make another copy of the tap file I want to use. I pick the tap file depending on how long and if that tap file works sorta like my song. After I copy it I rename it to the exact name I gave the music, exact case and all!!

    Before you all get on to me about how much of a noob I am, I want to tell you that this is just a horrible idea that is in major rough draft. I didn't want to make a big tutorial because this is only an idea. Personally, I couldn't give a rats ass about all the other songs. I just want mine, no matter what lol.

    Just please give me a little undeserved feedback.

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